Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Through the mentoring program we connect recognised and leading farmers in regenerative landscape management (the mentors) with the forward-looking farmers who are adopting and establishing regenerative practices (the mentees).

Instead of top-down extension services, the mentoring program supports a peer-to-peer approach to exchanging knowledge. This approach builds on, and strengthens, trust between land managers and allows for intensive and tailor-made coaching for the mentees.

We facilitate a 12-month partnership between the mentor and mentees that emphasises sustainable business, sustainable production and sustainable natural resources. Mentees learn from landholders with firsthand experience on improving landscape function for sustainable farm productivity. Topics covered include review of current operation, formulation of business direction, systems development, property mapping and performance monitoring and evaluation.

Our first successful mentoring program took place in the Western Division of NSW in 2015. Building on this, in partnership with Local Land Services (Western) and Rotary Club of Sydney, we are trialling a matrix model which has multiple mentors, each with specialised knowledge, skill and experience, working with mentees in groups and one-to-one to provide both general and specialised information and skills transfer.

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