Join the conversation that bridges the gap between farmers, researchers and policy makers to breathe life back into our soils.

Our podcast builds on our case studies of regenerative farming and looks deeper into the challenges, barriers and enablers that farmers have encountered in their journey to regenerate their soils and landscapes, and puts the spotlight on opportunities for research and government policy.

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Episode 1 – How could the emerging market for soil carbon support farmers to regenerate soils?

Soil carbon offers so many benefits both above and below the soil surface, from improving farm productivity to revenue raising in carbon trading. But while the case for building soil carbon is clear, the carbon market is still evolving. So what’s the potential, what are the risks and what can be done to unlock the potential of soil carbon as an enabler of better farm management and soil stewardship? In this episode we talk to farmers, scientists and policy makers to explore the soil carbon opportunity.

Thanks to all our guests for their time and insights.

Stuart Austin, Wilmot Cattle Co. –
Craig Carter, Tallawang –
Dr. Susan Orgill – Soil Scientist, NSW Department of Primary Industries
Skye Glenday, Co-CEO, Climate Friendly –
Dr Michael Crawford, CEO, Soil CRC –
Konrad Muller, Assistant Manager, Land, Forest and Blue Carbon Methods, Clean Energy Regulator –
Anthony Bennie, Assistant Secretary, Natural Capital and Markets – Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment –

This Podcast has been produced by Grow Love Project in collaboration with Soils for Life.
This project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program

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This is Soils For Life. A podcast about connecting farmers, researchers and policy makers, to shed light on agricultural best practice and explore current policy barriers and mindsets that are getting in the way of adoption and how to overcome them. Each episode we’ll delve into a topical issue around soil health in agriculture. We’ll hear from farmers about what inspired them to change their practices and we’ll talk to industry experts about the challenges and opportunities to help improve soils for life.

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