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We are an energetic and passionate team of soil scientists, agroecologists, researchers, and communications and engagement specialists.

Since our founding we have:

  • Put soil on the national agenda, driving the growing movement towards regenerative approaches to agriculture.
  • Supported Australian farmers to regenerate soils with extensive research, hands-on events & educational materials.
  • Produced more than 50 world-leading case studies to support regenerative farming practices in Australia & worldwide.
  • Contributed to the National Soil Strategy, 2021’s national policy by the Federal Government on how Australia will value, manage & improve its soil.

Our work is made possible thanks to the generosity of donors. A gift to Soils for Life allows us to help more farmers to become better stewards of the land.

We’re a registered charity.

All gifts made to Soils for Life are tax deductible.

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About Soils for Life

Soils for Life is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to support Australian farmers to regenerate soils, for resilient people, communities, businesses and landscapes.

We are working to realise a world where healthy, regenerated soils and landscapes support profitable food-producing businesses, thriving and resilient people and regional communities, and abundant and nutritious food.

We are an energetic and passionate team of soil scientists, agro-ecologists, researchers, and communications and engagement specialists. Our work is possible thanks to the generosity of donors and grant-makers and the commitment of our farming champions.

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Close up of farmers hand holding healthy soil after regenerative farming education from Soils for Life
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