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The Rangelands Living Skin is a new project in the NSW Rangelands linking scientists and farming families to evaluate and showcase innovative practices that regenerate the rangelands. Led by NSW Department of Primary Industries and funded by Meat & Livestock Australia, it is one of the most significant investments in the Rangelands.

Over four years, the project will demonstrate a range of management interventions in the rangelands which aim to increase productivity, profitability and sustainability. The project will highlight the grazing management practices being implemented by these producers for a productive, healthy rangeland system. A key part of the project is the collaboration between scientists, producers and other stakeholders to create an evidence-base that can be used in helping widespread adoption.

The project aims to benefit producers by identifying practical, cost-effective practices which will support productive rangelands for future generations. The four core producer demonstration sites showcase how innovative practices can improve ecosystem function, productivity and business performance. The project will also create wider awareness of practices that support livestock production and increase soil carbon, ground cover and plant diversity, as well as building a larger rangelands network.

Graham and Cathy Finlayson’s innovative claypan practices on Bokhara Plains, Brewarrina.

Want to be involved in the project?

Whether you’re a producer in Western NSW or someone passionate about the rangelands, you can be involved in two main ways. If you would like to be a project observer, you will have the opportunity to visit the four core producer sites, participate in on-farm training, be provided with a soil monitoring kit and more. Alternatively, you can keep in touch to receive notices of workshops and hear about resources. To find out more about the requirements and next steps, visit Meat & Livestock Australia.

Meet the producers

Tony and Meredith Thompson of The Angles and Wirracanna

Gus and Kelly Whyte of Wyndham Station, Wentworth

Andrew and Megan Moseley of Etiwanda, Cobar

Graham and Cathy Finlayson of Bokhara Plains, Brewarrina

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