Case Studies

About the Program

Robust assessment and analysis

Our case studies are developed using a robust, professional methodology by a team of ecologists, soil scientists and researchers. They provide evidence of how land management innovators are achieving productivity, environmental, economic and social outcomes through regenerative agriculture practices.

Each Soils For Life case study is an interwoven story supported by evidence about how the land has changed the land manager and how the land manager has changed the land. Using a process of expert elicitation, we understand each property in terms of four distinct phases of land management then seek to understand how the approach to land management has impacted the landscape and the people managing it in social, economic and ecological terms. To prepare the case studies, we rely on each farmers’ expert knowledge of their landscape as well as expert elicitation and observation, published and unpublished research/data collection, our own interviews, soil testing and external economic analysis.

Our first round of case studies was undertaken in 2011-12, including 21 innovative landscape managers across Australia. Our second round began in 2018. Scroll down to browse the entire collection by sector or state.

Get involved!

Are you a land management innovator? Are you practicing regenerative agriculture? Do you want to share that story with other landholders who might be thinking of changing their management practices? If you are willing to share in details and outcomes of your regenerative practices, download the expression of interest form below or read more about how to get involved with the case study program here