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Case Studies

For more than a decade, Soils for Life has been producing case studies of farmers’ inspiring stories of transition to regenerating their soils and landscapes. It is the largest body of regenerative farming case studies in Australia.

Holistic Story
Each Soils for Life case study is an interwoven story supported by evidence of how land management innovators are achieving resilient, productive outcomes through regenerative landscape management practices. Our case studies are holistic, documenting ecological, social and economic factors and change.

The case study program promotes understanding on the part of land managers, policy makers, researchers and consumers, of the underlying issues and benefits of landscape regeneration. We have a strong focus on peer-to-peer support in order to enable improvements in landscape and water management practices across Australia. Our case studies also showcase groups of farmers who are working and learning together.

The case studies have been used by farmers, researchers and policy makers around the country to inspire and inform new ideas and approaches in agriculture.

Robust assessment and analysis

To prepare the case studies, we draw on the farmers’ expert knowledge of their landscape, observations, published and unpublished research, and data collection, including our own interviews, soil testing and economic analysis. Our case studies are developed using a robust, professional methodology by a team of ecologists, soil scientists, social scientists and researchers. They provide evidence of how land management innovators are achieving productivity, environmental, economic and social outcomes through regenerating soils and landscapes.

This project is supported by Soils for Life, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.
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