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Major Projects

Cropping for Resilience

The Soils for Life ‘Cropping Resilience’ project aims to achieve large-scale practice change by supporting and building the capacity of a growing cohort of Australian croppers who are seeking to build soil health and drought resilience. This project is supported by Soils For Life, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

The Soil Health Challenge

This free program will equip you with a simple system to monitor your soil health over time, allowing you to measure the success of your management changes. We’re partnering with Soil Land Food to provide you with guidance for doing five easy, low cost, on-farm tests. Share your results in a private group to gain insights and learn from other farmers, with input from the Soils for Life team.

Resilient Agricultural Landscapes Case Studies Program

Our extensive and long-running regenerative farming case study program provides interwoven, evidence-based accounts of land manager and landscape regeneration. These case studies form the basis of our mentoring and outreach programs as well as a network of change agents and rural leaders who can share insights and diverse experience.
This project is supported by Soils for Life, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Soil CRC (CRC for High Performance Soils)

Soils for Life is a partner in Soil CRC ( CRC for HIGH PERFORMANCE SOILS). This program uses participatory research methods, decision modelling, surveys, case studies and bio-economic modelling. It aims to deliver tools and resource to support policy-makers, financiers, suppliers, and farmers to adopt and make use of these incentives.

Rangelands Living Skin

The expansive wide-open spaces of Australia’s rangelands make up majority of our continent. ‘Rangelands Living Skin’ is a new project led by NSW Department of Primary Industries and supported by Meat and Livestock Australia, recognising the importance of productivity and resilience in our rangelands. Collaborating with scientists and farming families, the project will focus on soil, plants, animals and people as the living skin of the rangelands. For mid 2021 Soils for Life will be leading the communications on this exciting project.

Paddock Labs for Drought Resilience

Paddock Labs is a new Soils for Life project in partnership with the Australian Government (Future Drought Fund) and regional stakeholders in South Australia, focusing on building drought resilience through fostering local innovation. The South Australian Paddock Labs project will work with facilitators, advisors and groups of 25 farmers in the Northern & Yorke and Eyre Peninsula districts. The project will use an innovative citizen-science model, supporting farmers to take a central role throughout the process.

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