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The Landcare Farming Program (LFP) is currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EoI’s) from individuals, groups and organisations who have terrific and innovative stories to tell about managing for healthy landscapes in the agricultural sector.

"We know great work is generating ...some compelling results out there and we want to support you share this work with a wider audience. We will work with you to determine the best way to generate these stories and support you in the process.

Pulling together great stories takes time and effort, SO we want to support you with funding and help you tell others about the good work that is underway in your area that is aligned with the Landcare Farming Themes of:
• Vegetation, Soils & Waterways
• Managing Pasture
• Biodiversity
• Building Drought Resilience
• Carbon flows
• Me and My People"

Please see below link to Landcare Farming Program EoI:

This is an opportunity to spread the word about the work you are doing that may be of interest to you. Projects of up to $25K are being sought (this is NOT limited to formal Landcare groups but rather Landcarers).

Applications for this this Landcare Farming Program Expression of Interest will close on Monday 24th of October."

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Landcare Farming Stories - Landcare Australia

For queries about the guidelines, deadlines, or questions in the form, please contact Angela Hammond

A short video featuring the inspirational speakers involved in the Earth Canvas "New Farm Next Door" symposium.

We hear from Dr Charles Massy, Serenity Hill, Dr Ken Henry, Professor David Lindenmayer and Darren Doherty amongst others as they talk about why regenerating landscapes... is so important.

Thanks to Gill Sanbrook at Bibbaringa for a wonderful event.

Join grazier, Gillian Sanbrook of Bibbaringa, and MiaGrazing CEO Peter Richardson, in a 45-minute live webinar to find out how Gillian transformed her business by leveraging the deep insights she gained from her farm data.

Gill is also a part of the 8 Families group. See more on their study:

Event details
Bibbaringa: Turning data insights into actions
When: Monday, 19th September, 12pm AEST (Sydney, AU)
Sunday, 18th September, 9pm CDT (Texas, US)
Who: Peter Richardson, MaiaGrazing and Gillian Sanbrook, Bibbaringa

What to expect
•How Bibbaringa grew from strength to strength based on the strategic, evidence-based management decisions that Gillian made.
•What type of data insights are important to graziers, and why it pays to understand how to leverage it.
•A live audience Q&A with Peter and Gillian to conclude the live webinar.

About Gillian Sanbrook
Gillian Sanbrook runs a regenerative Beef Cattle property, Bibbaringa, on the SW slopes in southern NSW. She has practiced Holistic Management (HM) since the nineties and kept thorough records of grazing charts since 2007. Gillian is a cattle breeder who recently introduced trading and agistment. Find out more by visiting our event page.

Bibbaringa MaiaGrazing

What each of these learning groups have in common is that they: share a passion for something that they do, and they learn how to do it better as they interact.

With the 8 families group, knowledge is shared around topics such as soil health, time-controlled grazing, biological soil amendments, or soil rehydration practices. They have noticed that having a support network has strengthened and improved many aspects of farming life.

Peer-to-Peer-Learning: Farmer-led learning groups. Farmer learning groups offer opportunities to develop processes for peer-to-peer learning, decision making and experience sharing. #regenerativeagriculture

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