Our ecologist Kate Taylor has recently been out and about in SA doing field work for our Paddock Labs project. She is working with farmers and advisors in the Northern & Yorke and Eyre Peninsula districts to build drought resilience. https://soilsforlife.org.au/paddock-labs/

Today is the United Nations International Day of Rural Women!

It's a time to celebrate the huge and critical role women play in rural areas and in our food system. This is a shoutout to all the regenerative rural women, the mothers, daughters, grandmothers, indigenous women and those... who identify as women for their contribution to sustainable food systems, and for their resilience to border closures, transport disruptions, boarding school headaches and distance from family.

A rural woman we are celebrating today is Maddy Pursehouse from our Rothesay case study. Maddy is a first-generation grazier in the NSW Liverpool Plains, and is passionate about regenerating her soils and landscapes. "I not only want to leave our property ecologically better off for future generations, but also create a profitable business so it can be left to our children if they wish to continue with our vision; to create a healthy, growing business, people, land, livestock and profits by implementing regenerative principles.". You can read more of her case study here: https://soilsforlife.org.au/the-rothesay-transition-story/ #hatsofftoruralwomen

Good to see innovation high on the agenda with release of the Agricultural Innovation Policy Statement by @D_LittleproudMP. Soil health leadership provided by the National Soils Advocate contributes to pillar 1. https://t.co/GRuLUO7BEd
@DeptAgNews @envirogov @IndustryGovAu

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Craig Carter has been building soil organic matter in his landscape for years, reaping the benefits of increased water retention and nitrogen mineralisation. While monetising carbon is one advantage of building soil organic matter, it's the productivity benefits that can have the largest ...benefit. Want to learn more? Listen to Craig Carter and researchers, scientists and policy makers in the soil carbon space here https://soilsforlife.org.au/podcast/

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Partnering with agricultural industry groups to is key to success of the @LClandscapeSA Adaptive Ag project – funded by @AusLandcare - the focus is on climate variability, planning for extreme events, adapting to market demands for new information, and improving soil health.

If producers are going to thrive in a net zero future, a Grattan institute report says the Australian government should establish a carbon trading desk for small farmers. Additionally, the report supports development of carbon and biodiversity credits https://bit.ly/3oxR87P

Does carbon ...interest you? Soils for Life have just released our first podcast episode, bringing together farmers, researchers, scientists and policy to look at soil carbon! Listen now on your favourite podcast app. https://soilsforlife.org.au/podcast/

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Thinktank calls for carbon trading desk for small farmers and climate-focused livestock research

The Grattan Institute’s report on agriculture says farmers should directly benefit from efforts to curb emissions, currently 15% of Australia’s...


For the Soil Organic Carbon Forum earlier this year, the @SoilsAdvocate released a fantastic video of passionate rangelands producer @GusWhyte. Video courtesy of the Office of the National Soils Advocate (CC BY-NC) 2021 https://vimeo.com/539462971

Have you got a soil extension activity you would love to see get off the ground? Time is running out for you to apply for a smart farm small grant! Eligible projects will promote soil health practices and be delievered to farmers, land managers and a wider network of farm advisors. Applications ...close 12th of October, apply here: https://www.communitygrants.gov.au/grants/smart-farms-small-grants

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National Landcare Program: Smart Farms Small Grants: Soil Extension Activities | Community Grants Hub

The grant round will support soil extension activities that contribute to achieving the program outcomes outlined in the Grant Opportunity ...

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