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What we do

We believe that by enabling and empowering farmers to rebuild and restore soils, Australia can mitigate and adapt to climate change and other challenges while producing healthy, plentiful food and fibre in ways that are good for farmers, consumers and the planet.

In following our strategic plan, we have created:  A national network of leading regenerative farmers, including early adopters and innovators; The most extensive body of case studies on regenerative farming in Australia, providing solid, credible evidence of the economic and sustainable benefits of regenerative agriculture; The constructive relationships to influence policy and research to drive systemic change.

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Our work is divided into three areas of focus

We ensure the opportunities and challenges of regenerative agriculture are widely shared and understood

We support farmers to bring their soils and landscapes to life

We help farmers, scientists and decision makers find common ground on the benefits of regenerating soils and landscapes 


We do this by

Sharing information to inform and enable soil and landscape regeneration. Connecting farmers with the research they need to improve their soils and landscapes and to understand the economic, social and environmental benefits this presents. Building farmer networks and creating peer support and learning opportunities to share the benefits and practices of improved soil health. Fostering collaboration between farmers, scientists and decision makers.


We do this because

We value soil and biodiversity as natural capital for agriculture. We value farmers’ knowledge and innovation, and aim to complement and build on this. Everything we do is evidence-based and informed by the best available science. We believe in working collaboratively by building partnerships and strategic alliances. Our holistic approach encompasses all aspects of regenerative agriculture, including ecological, economic, and social transformation

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