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Digging into soil data


Join Soils for Life Agroecologist Sarah Fea and SA cropper Josh McIntosh as they discuss Josh’s recent soil test data, the value and complexity of soil testing and how to make the most of that soil data. 

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Date Thursday 2 November
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm AEDT


More about the event

  • Josh and his wife Peri run Border Park Organics in Taplan, South Australia. They have an annual rainfall of 269mm and run a mixed cropping and livestock enterprise on sandy and sandy loam soils. 
  • Soils for Life recently developed a case study on Border Park Organics which included comprehensive soil testing,  looking into the chemistry, biological and functional aspects of Josh’s soils.
  • This webinar will cover why Josh and Sarah chose the soil tests and sites they did, what insights they’ve gained, and what questions have arisen from the process. You’ll hear how Josh is using this data to understand his cropping system, and his current thinking around the role of data in their future management decisions
This webinar is supported by the Australian Government’s Smart Farms Program.
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