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Case Studies – Round 1

The first round of case studies was undertaken in 2011-12, with 21 innovative landscape managers across Australia.

The land managers on this page demonstrate profitable and sustainable farming at the same time as improving the natural resource base. This is our first series of case studies capturing their experiences.

The case studies culminated in the report, Innovations for Regenerative Landscape Management. This report, published in September 2012, was our first major milestone in achieving Soil for Life’s program objectives and explains the need for widespread adoption of regenerative practices in our rural, urban and peri-urban landscapes.

Report Summary (909 KB)

Full Report (8184 KB)

Introductory Pages (818 KB)

– cover, foreword by Michael Jeffery, contents, acknowledgements

Chapter 1 (714 KB)

Landscape Regeneration for Our Future – the need for change

Chapter 2 (1155 KB)

Landscape Regeneration in Action – summary of case study practices

Chapter 3 (505 KB)

Case Studies of Landscape Regeneration in Practice – property statistics

All Case Studies (6775 KB)

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