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All our programs address the alarming problem that much of our soil has been degraded since European Settlement.

We work with land managers who are at the cutting edge of regenerative landscape management across all five of our programs.

Since 2011, with the case study and research programs, we’ve been systematically documenting farmers’ practices and innovations to identify what works when it comes to producing high quality and nutritious food while also bringing life back to our soil and water resources.

The mentoring program is premised on a peer-to-peer approach to exchanging knowledge and is supporting wide adoption of regenerative farming practices. We facilitate coaching between some of Australia’s most inspiring farmers who are at different stages of their regenerative agriculture journey.

We also have a school gardens program and work with educators that also believe in the importance of educating our kids about where our food comes from and the role of healthy soils.

Case Studies

Since 2011 we have been documenting evidence of how land management innovators are achieving productivity, environmental, economic and social outcomes through regenerative landscape management.

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Mentoring Program

We connect recognised and leading farmers in regenerative landscape management with the forward-looking farmers who are adopting and establishing regenerative practices.

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School Gardens

We’re working with schools and educators to ensure more primary schools have a school garden and access to great teaching resources to help educate our kids.

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