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October saw agricultural science taking the dominant role on the Soils for Life agenda. We have consolidated our working relationships with the High-Performance Soils Cooperative Research Centre (Soils CRC), the Australian National University, the Soils Division of the CSIRO in both Adelaide and Canberra, the NSW Government Department of Primary Industry. In the last month, Soils for Life has been engaged with both South Australia’s Dept of Primary Industry and Regions and WA’s Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development.

The interest and offers of collaboration on soil science and ecology from the scientists in these organisations is inspirational and offers the opportunity to upgrade the scientific content of our case studies.

The Federal Minister is about to sign-off on the funds recently announced by the Prime Minister. These funds will enable Soils for Life to conduct more case studies over the next four years. We are encouraged by the rapidly growing interest in regenerative approaches to agriculture and sustained government support.

The International Symposium on Soil Organic Matters 2019 held in Adelaide earlier this month brought together almost 300 eminent soil scientists and related disciplines for five days. It was a great success and a credit to the organisers and the government’s Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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