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Who inspires our cropping farmers?


We asked our case study croppers who inspires them in their journey towards a more regenerative approach to cropping. They mentioned farmers, scientists and educators whose insights and questions helped them reflect and adapt their practices.

If you are looking for fresh perspectives to help clarify your own or generate ideas of other ways of cropping, here is a list of potential farmers, scientists and educators recommended by other croppers. 

Farmers recommended by croppers

Colin Seis: Pasture cropping and Soils for Life case study.

David Brandt: Multi-species, diverse cover crops, seed cleaning business.

Gabe Brown: Diverse cover and companion crops

Garry Zimmer: ‘The Biological Farmer and ‘Advancing Biological Farming.

Graeme Sait: Nutrition farming

John Kempf: Enhancing the plant, soil, microbiome system

John Pawsey: Organic crops for specific markets, living mulch

Ray Archuleta: soil scientist and farmer

Rick Clarke: No till, cover crops, pollinator strips, crop rotation

Australian and New Zealand scientists recommend by our croppers

North American scientists recommended by our croppers

Dr. Arden Anderson: family physician and agricultural practitioner; ‘Science in Agriculture’.

Dr. Carey Reams: plant growth, energy, fertilisers.

Dr. Dan Skow: nutrient availability, microbial stimulation, plant health. 

Prof Emeritus Don Huber: plant pathology.

Dr. Elaine Ingham: soil microbiologist, soil food web

Dr. Jill Clapperton: rhizosphere ecologist; healthy productive soils for nutrient dense food.

Dr. Rick Haney: soil scientist, soil testing for soil health.

Dr. William Albrecht: soil scientist; relationships between soil quality, food quality and human health.

Educators recommended by our croppers

Joel Williams: plant and soil health educator

Steve Groff: cover crop coach.


 We’ve tried to provide a link to their direct website or books, and also a list of their videos on YouTube. However, please do your own search to see if or how the work of these individuals speak to you. 

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