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Cropping Convos

An online, interactive webinar series with regenerative specialists

Coming up! Our Cropping Convos – “Ask Me Anything” series with regenerative specialists.

This is an opportunity to connect with a range of agronomists, agroecologists, and consultants over a casual Zoom call with other grain growers. You can ask your burning questions and discuss your challenges over a range of topics including multispecies, plant nutrition, nitrogen management and the language of plants.

These free online sessions are held over an hour and run from the 29th February – 8th March, at 12pm AEDT.  The sessions are not recorded. 

The Cropping Convos are open to everyone, whether you are currently cropping and wanting to experiment with regenerative practices, or you are considering adding cropping to your enterprise mix. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming sessions

Jade Killoran on multispecies cropping and where to start
29th February 2024, 12pm AEDT


Col Bowey on how to make the first steps to improve your soil health and farm resilience
1st March 2024, 12pm AEDT


Mark Tupman on plant nutrition requirements and efficient nutrient application methods
4th March 2024, 12pm AEDT


Joel Williams on improving nitrogen use efficiency
5th March 2024, 12pm AEDT


Ken Bailey on the language of plants and understanding what you’re looking at
8th March 2024, 12pm AEDT


About the speakers

Joel Williams

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator working on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches of sustainable food production. Joel is interested in designing farming systems that focus on managing soil biology along with crop and soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity and soil function. He has extensive experience working in Australia, the UK, and Canada, where he is currently based.

Mark Tupman

Mark Tupman is a consultant and educator specialising in the establishment, integration and management of more ecological and economical production systems. He has been actively involved in the fields of biological crop production, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and holistic management for the last three decades. He has been involved in a number of training, research, community and commercial projects throughout Western Australia and in between times, managed orchards, livestock and market garden enterprises on various properties.

Jade Killoran

Jade Killoran is an independent multispecies cover crop advisor and researcher, working in Victorian grazing systems. Jade founded ‘Healthy Farming Systems’ in 2020 and aims to help farmers trial, adopt, and manage multispecies cover crops on-farm. She has a strong background in paddock scale research and is extremely passionate about multispecies pastures/cover crops. Jade likes nothing better than to be out and about on-farm, helping farmers and evaluating the effects of cover crop adoption on farming systems.

Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey from Haslen Technology is an independent biological consultant, animal nutritionist and biological product manufacturer. He has experience as a farmer, farm management advisor and agronomist across Western Australia. For over 25 years, Ken has been studying and advocating for biological agriculture, with the last 15 years focused on the use of humified compost as a soil amendment.

Col Bowey

Col Bowey has over four decades of experience in agriculture, from the farm he grew up on in SA to working in corporate agriculture, he has experience working in VIC and WA where he has his own farm overlooking the Indian Ocean. Col believes that success in farming comes down to having a good 'farming system' in place, but these systems need to be productive and profitable. Col has worked with many leading farmers to build farming systems that understand healthy soils are at the heart of farm and ecosystem health.

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