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The Soil Stewardship Summit

What an amazing two days! More than 120 farmers and organisations who support farmers came together last week for our Soil Stewardship Summit


Join the Soil Health Challenge!

Check your soil health with 5 easy tests and learn with other farmers


Cropping for Resilience launched

The Soils for Life ‘Cropping Resilience’ project aims to achieve large-scale practice change by supporting and building the capacity of a growing cohort of Australian croppers


Our Case Study program produces in-depth reports about the practices and outcomes of soil stewards around the country.

Case StudiesCase Study
November 16, 2023


Andrew and Megan have been applying a holistic approach to farming for two decades on their property 90 kms south of Cobar, and are now seeing their hard work and…
Case StudiesCase Study
October 31, 2023


Glenn says that having a clear holistic plan, or ‘holistic context’ as Glenn puts it, for their personal lives, business and landscape is essential to enable them to test the…
Case StudiesCase Study
October 4, 2023

Bokhara Plains

In 1999, when Graham and Cathy Finlayson acquired Bokhara Plains, they accepted the property was run down and degraded. Roughly 50% of the area was clay pan or bare ground,…


A collection of the latest news and articles on regenerative farmers, events and activities.

October 23, 2023

The Soil Stewardship Summit

More than 120 farmers - including 40 of our case study farmers - and organisations who support farmers came together last week for our Soil Stewardship Summit at Cavan Station.
November 15, 2023

My father and other animals: A chat with Sam Vincent

Soils for Life CEO Eli Court chats to Sam Vincent who has since taken over the family farm. He’s written a book about his journey, called My Father and Other…
November 14, 2023

Exploring soil health and human health

What is the link between healthy soils, and healthy food? Unfortunately, the nutrient levels in most foods have declined in recent decades. But there is growing evidence that farming systems…


Watch our documentary on why healthy and productive soils matter. Hear from farmers who are regenerating soils and the landscapes.

Soil is one of the earth’s most important natural resources and is essential for healthy plant growth, food production and ecosystem services such as clean, plentiful water and air.


Join the community in celebrating regenerative agriculture, for healthier soil, food and people!

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Traditional Custodians of Australia
Soils for Life acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea environment, water and community. We pay our respect to the Traditional Custodians, their culture, and elders both past and present. We recognise and value Indigenous knowledge systems, and the imperative to listen to and work with Traditional Owners as we collectively learn how to heal country.
About Soils for Life
Soils for Life is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works across Australia to support Australian farmers in regenerating soils and landscapes, to build natural and social capital, and transform food and fibre systems.
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