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We support Australian farmers to regenerate soils and landscapes while producing healthy food and fibre

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Each Soils For Life case study is an interwoven story
of a resilient agricultural landscape.


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We work with a broad range of partners to support farmers to regenerate soils and landscapes.


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A growing collection of resource for regenerative landscape managers.

Soils for Life supports Australian farmers in regenerating soil and landscapes, to build natural and social capital, and transform food and fibre systems.

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March 30, 2022

Drought resilience on the Southern Downs

The last drought across Southeast Queensland was incredibly challenging. Every farm had to make tough decisions, and many are still recovering from the financial and personal implications.
March 30, 2022

National Regenerative Agriculture Day

Last month, National Regenerative Agriculture Day events were held around the country. Soils for Life attended one event held in the Darling Downs of south-east Queensland at Picot’s Farm.
March 30, 2022

Drought and flood resilience through land enhancement

Hoping to improve drought and flood resilience (as well as soil health and biodiversity), Gleneden Family Farm (QLD) and Amberly Farm (ACT), with the support of their local land and…
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Our Documentary

Soil is one of the earth’s most important natural resources and is essential for healthy plant growth, food production and ecosystem services such as clean, plentiful water and air.

Watch our documentary on why healthy and productive soils matter. We feature amazing farmers who are regenerating the soils and the landscape. Learn more about what motivates them, their challenges and their successes.

Our Case Studies

Case StudiesCase StudyFocus ProducersGroup Case StudiesThe 8 Families Group
December 16, 2021


After leaving the family farm to pursue a career in engineering, Nick returned to the land only to witness the devastating effects of the Millennium drought and the ‘treadmill of…
Case StudiesCase StudyFocus ProducersGroup Case StudiesThe 8 Families Group
December 16, 2021

Yabtree West

Working as a journalist in Sydney, Rebecca Gorman became increasingly concerned about climate change and other big issues facing our society.
Case StudiesCase StudyFocus ProducersGroup Case StudiesThe 8 Families Group
December 12, 2021


Michael Gooden set out on his own portion of land following a family succession during the middle of the Millennium Drought. This case study summary shares the transformation experience of…

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