Soils for Life is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to supporting Australian farmers and rural communities in regenerating soils and landscapes to build natural and social capital and transform food systems. Soils for Life sits within a complex ecosystem of organisations and groups who share a common overarching vision of:

  • Productive and profitable food and fibre systems
  • Regenerated biodiverse soils and landscapes
  • Resilient and connected communities
  • Healthy, nutritious, abundant food

Soils For Life builds communities of practice around regenerative cultures and thinking to create and enable strong networks and partnerships. Soils For Life builds a strong evidence base to validate and share understandings of regenerative principles, practices and outcomes. Our holistic and transdisciplinary approach encompasses all aspects of regenerative agriculture including ecological, economic, and social transformation. Soils For Life creates local, on-ground farmer support mechanisms including mentoring programs and networks, and we do this in partnership with a range of local and regional organisations.

Soils For Life acts as knowledge broker and champion of diverse regenerative agricultural systems. Our Interim Strategic Framework demonstrates how we work.

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Our case studies show how farmers across Australia are becoming more ecologically sustainable at the same time as improving profitability and productivity by successfully implementing regenerative practices.

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We are a team of ecologists, agroecologists, researchers, soil scientists and social scientists who analyse and communicate the many benefits of regenerative agriculture to support farmers and land managers.

Meet the team

Can you support the work of Soils For Life?

Soils for Life is an Australian non-profit organisation on a mission to support farmers in regenerating soils and landscapes. We depend on scientific and clearly documented evidence showing the economic, environmental and social benefits of applying regenerative landscape management practices.

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