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Where can I study regenerative agriculture?


From Netflix to the Archibald Prize, regenerative agriculture is making headlines at the moment, which might have you wondering where you can deepen your understanding of the principles and practices behind it.

There are now a variety of courses that explore regenerative agriculture practices and principles. From university education to professional development, we have compiled a list of the courses available to support your regenerative journey.

Tertiary courses in regenerative agriculture

Bachelor in Regenerative Agriculture

The Bachelor of Regenerative Agriculture is delivered by Southern Cross University, and has been developed by leading experts including Dr Charles Massy, Dr Terry McCosker, Bruce Pascoe and Lorraine Gordon. The degree draws on regen ag principles including alternative farming systems, agroecology, regenerative agronomy and rural ecology.


Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture

The Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Queensland is a three-year degree, providing you with the skills and knowledge to tackle sustainable food production. The program introduces scientific and managerial principles required to assist farmers increase their output with the least environmental and social impact.


Graduate Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture

The Graduate Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture was developed by Southern Cross University after a high demand from farmers seeking this kind of post graduate qualification. The course is flexible for students with the option of face to face or online learning, and can be completed in six months’ full time or a year part time. The graduate certificate allows students to gain a higher-level understanding of underpinning philosophies and associated management practices of regenerative agriculture.


Master of Science in Agricultural Innovations

The Australian National University has released a new postgraduate program to solve problems in the agricultural sector. The degree takes an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving which are applicable across government, industry and research institutions. With access to the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility and the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-technology, the degree provides hands on learning to help you address industry challenges.


Short courses in regenerative agriculture

Tarwyn Park Training

Tarwyn Park training is a highly-regarded 4-day hands on workshop learning the principles and actions of Natural Sequence Farming. The training shares knowledge of landscape regeneration with the wider community, helping them implement Natural Sequence Farming into any operation. It is run by Peter Andrews and three generations of the Andrews family.


RCS- Grazing Clinic and Grazing for profit

RCS offers practical-hands on workshops for land managers. The RCS Grazing Clinic covers the principles and practices of grazing management including how to design and manage a grazing cell and use grazing charts as a planning and decision making tool. The course has a focus on implementation, so participants leave with an action plan to implement on their property.


Colin Seis Pasture Cropping

Colin Seis, a Soils For Life Case Study, developed pasture cropping on his property, Winona. In collaboration with SmartSoil, a self-paced 9 module course on Pasture Cropping has been developed to teach the tools and methods to pasture crop profitably. The course will help farmers to grow grass, crops and livestock while regenerating their perennial grassland system.


Southern Blue Regenerative

Southern Blue Regenerative develops and grows regenerative regional businesses and offers regenerative farmers and holistic management courses. From short courses and workshops to advanced training programs, Southern Blue Regenerative delivers a range of regenerative farming ideas and concepts, looking in-depth and the what how and why. They aim to broaden your knowledge and create networks to help you on your journey.


Holistic Management Training

Inside Out Management has developed an eight-day course on Holistic Management, covering topics from holistic grazing planning, holistic financial planning and holistic land planning. The course also includes Allan Savory’s book “Holistic Management- a New Framework for Making Decisions” and financial and grazing planning resources.


Soil Hydration Practicum

Regenerative Landscapes Australia has developed a 3 day hands on practicum to learn strategies to increase soil hydration, build soil fertility and ground cover and increase rainfall utilisation. The workshop looks at the best regenerative practices to help increase the amount of water retained in the soil while reading the landscape to see problems and not just treat symptoms.


Soil Land Food

Soil Land Food is an independent agriculture consultancy that runs hands on workshops and courses to build regenerative understanding, skills and decision making for farmers. The courses range from regenerative and organic farming, composting, biofertilisers, grazing, property planning and land management.


The Mulloon Institute   

The Mulloon Institute is a leading research, education and advocacy organisation committed to building resilient rural and regional communities by supporting the long-term, sustainable growth of Australian agriculture. They often hold short courses and workshops.


Charlie Arnott Biodynamics

Charlie Arnott is a successful farmer from Borrowa who uses biodynamic principles to maintain pasture and animal health. Charlie often holds workshops and once graduated you can become a part of the closed alumni facebook page, allowing you to continue to learn and grow your networks.


Soil Health Foundation

With increasing climatic pressures, building resilient, healthy systems is critical. The key to healthy soil and production lies in being able to read and assess your own resources and know that you’re on the track to regeneration. Learn from leading soil health expert Nicole Masters how to read your soil!



Have you been part of a great regenerative agriculture course? Contact us and let us know which one!

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