Soil carbon projects made simple with the Climate Solutions Fund

Soil carbon levels have been in decline across Australia, under pressure from extended hot and dry conditions. This declining trend poses risks to soil health, nutrition and resilience. Farmers and landholders can regenerate their land and grow their soil carbon stocks while earning income from carbon credits through the Climate Solutions Fund.

An engaged audience at the Regenerative Agriculture: Fire, Carbon & Water workshop

By undertaking new land management practices, such as rejuvenating pasture, changing to holistic grazing practices or reducing tilling, farmers can restore soil carbon levels and increase their land’s health. Farmers earn carbon credits for increasing their soil carbon levels and these can be sold to the Australian Government or to businesses looking to offset their emissions.

To make running a soil carbon project easier, the Clean Energy Regulator has released a soil carbon simple guide. Designed to support farmers throughout a project, the guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to register, run and report on a project. It also highlights the range of benefits for agricultural productivity and profitability:

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