We’ve had another busy month centred around soil carbon: how to build it, the benefits and dividends of carbon rich and healthy soils, and how to measure carbon content. I attended a field day near Cudgewa Vic which promoted one effective method of building carbon in soils. The CSIRO based in both Adelaide and Canberra have helped in raising awareness and improving our understanding of healthy soils.

On the important matter of measuring soil carbon, we’ve commenced planning a workshop for next March with the University of Tasmania and the Chinese Agricultural Academy on measuring economically and at scale, carbon in soils which is quite a technical challenge.

Good to see the Federal Member for Indi, the Independent Helen Haines MP last week at the farm of Paul and Faye Land where Steve Whitsed, Agriprove and Global Soil Regeneration put on a cracker of a demonstration of the SoilKee renovator method of building carbon in suitable soils. Notable was Keenan Whitsed demonstrating considerable foresight as a young man advocating for regenerative farming methods in the interests of sustainability and genuine care for the future of our soils, landscapes and indeed the planet. And Dr Maarten Stapper delivered a comprehensive lecture on soil science and carbon. Next week is CSIRO’s 2019 conference in Adelaide on Soil Organic Matters, another important event.