eNose – Developing Tools to Monitor Soil Biology

 Western Australian not-for-profit organisation, The Ground Files Inc, is currently supporting Rural Aid by donating $10 for every residential soil test conducted. 

Soil testing is the only way to fully understand the needs of our gardens. Plant tissue testing also provides information about what is in the food we grow and consume. 

Executive Director, Bronnie Kemp said, ‘Hundreds of tonnes of nutrients leach into our river systems each year as a result of the over fertilisation of residential gardens. 

Precisely managing soil and plant intake of nutrients minimises leaching, produces strong and resilient growth and reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides.’ 

Other benefits include saving water and money, by only applying the nutrients that plants require. 

It’s a simple process and soil samples can be posted. 

Soil testing costs $189 and vouchers are available at www.soils.org.au 

Contact Bronnie Kemp 0499 776 626 b.kemp@soils.org.au 

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