It’s a busy and exciting time to be involved in regenerative agriculture. In the Soils for Life office, we’ve noticed a growing interest and momentum from farmers, growers and producers and with government policy advisors, scientists, academia, media and related industry people. Improving soil carbon content allows us to access carbon credits. Adding soil carbon is also intrinsically beneficial to encourage water retention (when those rains eventually come) and improve soil structures, including the microbial and fungal prospects. Over this recent couple of months, we have worked to complete a further four case studies. We have also focused on collaboration with universities and engineers to both establish a baseline and monitor over time, soil carbon. Our thanks to the Department of Agriculture who gave us a small grant to get the ball rolling with a workshop on soil carbon measurement. Advanced technologies are emerging on remote sensing carbon too!

I’m looking forward to keeping all of you apprised of developments over the coming weeks.

Rod Chisholm, CEO of Soils for Life