For the first time, we have a national objective to restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison guaranteed a food-secure nation and sustainable farming communities in his speech at the recent Daily Telegraph Dubbo Drought Summit in July.

Farmers who are informed and supported can successfully integrate the management of their soil, water, vegetation and animals. Soils for Life can work collaboratively with farming communities to ensure the agricultural industry is sustainable and our environment is resilient.

The Prime Minister announced that his Government will support this national objective and that all appropriate departmental portfolio areas will work closely together on this issue.

The PM also recognised the importance of an independent Advocate for Soil Health to coordinate and promote good healthy soil and regenerative agriculture. He has reappointed me to this role and tasked me with working with all stakeholders: political, academic, departmental, industry and landholders.

My responsibilities include visiting regional and global catchments and communities to look at how we can exchange agricultural landscape management ideas. Farming case study examples can provide information and ideas for neighbours to learn from and adapt their practices. Soils for Life is expanding its capacity to promote and inform through measured case study performance results.

Michael Jeffery