An internationally recognised expert on food and farming has warned that industrially produced fruit and vegetables are robbing our plants of their own protection system and significantly reducing their mineral and antioxidant properties.

In the latest interview in the Soils For Life video series, Dr Maarten Stapper says fruit and vegetables are mass produced in soils lacking the essential ingredient – microbes.
“A teaspoon of healthy soil can have a billion microbes and in a healthy soil, there can be 50,000 different species of microbes”, Dr Stapper says.“Microbes are the smallest organisms on Planet Earth and they are the most important ones because they feed the soils. They feed the plant to make the plant strong and insects and diseases can’t affect it”.

“Those microbes have been killed by our chemicals over the past 60 to 70 years. The more species are killed, the more problems we get”. “95% of the microbes are beneficial. They support the plant, they feed the plant, they protect the plant and the plant feeds them with carbons leaking out through the root system”.“There’s now scientific evidence that shows that the plant communicates with the microbes in the soil. The plant asks the microbes in the soil for building blocks to make strong new growth, then the microbes make those minerals soluble and deliver them to the plant”

“A meta data analysis in Europe showed that organic food had 50% more antioxidants than the industrial food that we buy in the shops”.
“When a plant faces adverse conditions with the environment, like a drought, or they are attacked by an insect or disease, then those plants can make compounds to protect themselves against foreign invaders and climate conditions, so the plant remains strong.” “And science has now proven that those compounds that are made by the plant are anti oxidants for us, and antioxidants for the grazing animal, so it’s all part of the cycle of life in nature that maintains health and strength”, Dr Stapper said.

Dr. Maarten Stapper’s interview can be found here.

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