Australia’s National Soil Advocate, former Governor-General Major General Michael Jeffery, has called on the major political parties to cut through the climate change debate and recognise that farmers have much of the answer to sequestering carbon.

In a proposal submitted to the Ministers and Shadow Ministers for Agriculture and Water Resources, Environment and Climate Change, General Jeffery quotes numerous scientific studies that show that healthy soils have the capacity to absorb sufficient COto meet Australia’s Paris Agreement target.

He has called on “the next Australian government to commit to prioritising the promotion and resourcing of a rapid transition to regenerative farming practices as the means to neutralise our CO2 emissions, and in the process, create a prosperous farming and food secure nation”.

The submission says “as the National Advocate for Soil Health, I strongly believe that current political and public debate on the subject has failed to address a potentially key solution: to use the CO2 drawdown capacity of a regenerated agricultural landscape to meet all our existing industrial emission targets and probably those emanating from the processing of our overseas oil, gas and coal exports”.

“The community and particularly young people are increasingly concerned about climate change. This concern has been reinforced by Sir David Attenborough’s TV series “The Planet”, the UN Report of 6 May on “Unprecedented Species Extinction Rates”, the recent climate demonstrations by school children Australia wide and a Lowy Institute poll of 8 May 2019. Neither major political party appears to have cut through to the public with the climate policies they are currently espousing”.

“Our agricultural landscape comprises 470 million hectares, approximately 55% of the Australian continent”.

“If we could draw down 1.2t CO2 per ha, we would neutralise our industrial emissions, whilst a 4.4t per ha draw down would neutralise both our industrial and export emissions”.

General Jeffery urged the incoming Government to urgently review its climate change policies to reflect the enormous potential of Australia’s farms to sequester COand provide the opportunity for farmers to earn carbon credits.

Read the submission – A clear and simple solution to Australia’s carbon emissions

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