Become a Case Study

Join the case study program!

Are you an Australian farmer with a story of change to tell about your regenerative landscape management practices?

Do you want to share that story with other Australian landholders who might be thinking of changing their management practices?

You could be our next case study!

If you are prepared to share with Soils For Life (and a wider audience) some detailed outcomes of your regenerative practices, then download an application form now!

Detailed assessment of your operation

We conduct a thorough analysis of the following aspects of your operation including:

  • The productivity of your land 
  • The financial outcomes of the changed practices 
  • The ecological changes on your land that are attributable to your practice change 
  • The social impact that the transition to the new practice regime has had on your family 
  • Your involvement with the local community.

If you are willing to share this level of detail, download the application form, fill in as much information as you can and email the completed document to Soil For Life. Our selection panel will take a look and be in contact.

Please note: This document is a PDF. You can type your answers in or print and fill out by hand.

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