Australia’s Advocate for Soil Health and Chair of Soils For Life, former Governor General Major General Michael Jeffery has welcomed the ALP’s announcement that it would provide $6 million in funding to support the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

“SFL has been a strong supporter of Stephanie’s Program, which encourages schools to establish a kitchen garden to teach our young people how to build healthy soils, how to grow healthy food, and how to prepare it. We feature Stephanie’s work at a Melbourne school on our website, at Stephanie Alexander “, General Jeffery said.

“Her goals to reduce the level of obesity and teach our kids the importance of developing healthy soils, healthy food and healthy bodies, are reflected in one of the recommendations in my report to the Government, “Restore the Soil: Prosper the Nation”.

“I have strongly recommended that school gardens be established in every primary and junior high school as a national school garden program, implemented through the Australian Curriculum, and with an integrated syllabus and properly trained teachers, which could be developed in collaboration with the Primary Industries Education Foundation of Australia and the Stephanie Alexander Foundation”.

“The ALP’s commitment of substantial funds to extend the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program is recognition that our young people are facing a serious health crisis. Extension of the program also has the capacity to increase the number of young people taking up agricultural science and farming as a career”.

“I recommend that this commitment be extended to all schools, taught to an integrated syllabus”.

For more information, contact: Niree Creed, Media, Soils For Life: 0418625595