Restore the Soil: Prosper the Nation

“In my role as National Soil Advocate, many of the thousands I have consulted reminded me that Australian agriculture also faces the global imperative to do more with less (less productive land, less water, lower inputs). They also emphasised the need to address declining levels of soil carbon, increasing soil acidification and loss of soil and nutrients resulting from erosion. Immediate and ongoing action is needed to ensure that Australian agriculture can continue to be productive, clean and profitable, to demonstrate the use of sustainable management practices our trading partners are now looking for, and to build the resilience we need to live with climate change and associated extremes in weather.”

Major General Michael Jeffery, National Soil Advocate.

Restore the Soil: Prosper the Nation is a powerful plan for restoring Australia’s soils, written by Major General Michael Jeffery, National Soil Advocate in 2017. In it he draws together the ideas gathered during his extensive consultations as the National Soil Advocate and makes 10 recommendations to protect and improve the health of Australia’s soil, water and vegetation for the benefit of all Australians.


Interview with Major General Michael Jeffery: The National Soils Advocate

“As the Soils Advocate, I have been tasked by the Prime Minister to increase awareness of and advocate the critical importance of conserving and improving agricultural soil and landscape conditions to: benefit the environment; enhance agricultural productivity and realise continuing economic benefits; and secure sustainable food production systems.”

Major General Michael Jeffery, National Soil Advocate.

On 18 July 2019, Major General Michael Jeffery, former Governor of Western Australia and Governor General of Australia, was re-appointed National Soils Advocate by the Prime Minister of Australia. On his first appointment to the role in 2012, he focussed his attention on understanding the roles, responsibilities and interconnectivity of groups involved in natural resource management and advocating the importance of prioritising soil health in the broader context of landscape management. Click the button to read his interview with the Future Directions Institute.


Michael Jeffery's speeches about regenerative agriculture

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