Why invest in Soils for Life?

An investment in our soils is an investment in our future.

It’s also an investment in a growing movement towards a healthy and sustainable Australia. Over one million hectares of land are currently being managed using regenerative practices which have been scientifically reviewed, promoted and supported by Soils for Life.

What will my investment buy?

Your investment will help to expand this popular movement, by assisting us to provide more successful case studies. They are the templates for successful practices in regional, rural and urban areas.

Your investment will also provide support for our increasing cohort of mentors. These are people who have successfully increased their productivity and the nutritional value of the food they produce, and experts in their fields including agronomy and science.

Your investment will also support significant outreach by Soils for Life to the wider Australian community, through numerous communication channels.

What’s in it for me?

Your support for our projects will be recognised through our communication channels, and you’ll be invited to our field days and other special events to learn more about our work, and celebrate our successes.

For more information about opportunities to invest in Soils For Life please contact the Soils for Life office

As a Not for Profit organisation with DGR (deductible gift recipient) status, your investment in Soils for Life is tax deductible.