Soils for Life aims to encourage and support the wide adoption of regenerative landscape management by Australian farmers and land managers. To achieve this, we seek out leading practice in landscape management – where positive economic, environmental and social outcomes have been achieved – and share these experiences to assist others.

We’ll use this blog to discuss what we’ve found and what these innovative farmers are doing.

Hopefully we can de-mystify what are sometime still considered ‘fringe’ practices, and show that they are affordable, achievable, worth adopting – and not really on the fringe at all. Regenerative landscape management takes many forms.

You may be surprised by the number of farmers and land managers who are already applying, or thinking about applying regenerative landscape management practices. Hopefully we can bring this community together to support each other and further encourage regenerative landscape management to become the norm across Australia.

Much of our landscape is degraded and under pressure from production demands and a changing climate, but together, we can regenerate its productivity and resilience for generations to come.

We seek to provide a forum for researchers, farmers and the wider public who benefit from their endeavours to consider what is important for Australia’s future. We want to share experiences and information on landscape management in what is hopefully a user-friendly way. We fully support the need for specialist technical advice, such as from consulting agronomists, soil scientists or environmental organisations, but urge exploration into what are not currently conventional methods when doing so.

We hope you’ll join the conversation with us.

Keep an eye out for new posts each Thursday.

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