Can you support the work of Soils For Life?

Soils for Life is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works across Australia. Our work is possible thanks to the generosity of donors and grant-makers and the commitment of our farming champions. Gifts made to Soils for Life are tax deductible

How will my donation help?

Your donation will help Soils for Life to move into its next phase, building upon over a decade in which we have documented and shared the stories of innovators in soil and landscape regeneration. In this next phase, we will focus on supporting the next cohort of farmers seeking to learn and adopt regenerative principles and practices.

Your donation will help us make this shift, including:
  • Evolving our case study program to focus on the key success factors for the adoption of practices that regenerate soils and landscapes, especially the factors that make peer-to-peer farming groups successful;
  • Making the most of our extensive networks amongst farming communities, policy makers and researchers through new engagement and knowledge sharing approaches, including new farmer-targeted resources and digital platforms
  • Continuing to work with the Parliamentary Friends of Soil, an initiative which Soils for Life was instrumental in establishing, and which will be a critical driver of improved government support for farmers.


Your investment in Soils for Life is tax deductible. A bank statement or internet printed copy of transfer details is sufficient evidence of your donation for taxation purposes. However, if you would like a receipt, please contact Soils For Life and we can issue one.

For more information, please contact Soils For Life on 02 6273 6647 or

Thank you for your kind donation and support.

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