Our Team


Narelle is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and worked in the health care industry for 15 years. Narelle’s work in health care spanned clinical work with patients in hospital and community settings, professional education and training. Narelle has also worked in healthcare management and holds a Master of Health Industry Management. Narelle grew up in country Victoria, in Gippsland, and has maintained a continuing interest in agriculture and rural life. Narelle has a passion for gardening particularly food production and continues to expand her skills using a variety of techniques that foster soil health.


Richard is a research scientist with over 30 years’ experience in classifying, assessing and reporting on Australia’s landscapes and natural resources. His research has been adopted by regional, state and national land use policy and planners and land managers. Richard is Visiting Fellow at ANU, UNSW ADFA and an Adjunct Associate Professor at UQ.


Greg graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor degree in Forest Science. He has previously worked on wildlife research programs for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service and a Professor from The Australian National University. He is from a cattle and sheep farming background and enjoys returning to the family farm as often as possible.


Kirsty is an agroecologist inspired by the deep commitment that the regenerative community has towards enhancing the landscape, building strong, vibrant communities and producing healthy, nutritious food. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Bachelor of Ecological Agricultural Systems and a Masters of Forestry (Advanced). She works with the research community, including the Soil CRC and other research and industry groups, to improve understanding of regenerative approaches, the application of ecological thinking in agricultural systems and to support continuing evidence-based innovation in regenerative agriculture.


Jen holds a Bachelor of Arts (UNSW) and a Masters of Sustainability from Sydney University. She has a strong interest in sustainable food systems. In the past, she has provided communications support for a number of premium food and agricultural organisations including the Australian Macadamia Society, Landcare Australia and Harvest Trails and Markets. She has also developed research tools to help understand complex attitudes to peri-urban agriculture in the Sydney basin. She continually advocates for change to make our food system healthy, sustainable, just and completely delicious.

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