The latest case study from Soils For Life traces a remarkable collaboration amongst farmers to regenerate a whole catchment on the NSW Southern Tablelands, and over 20 farms which depend on it.

The Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project is unique, long term and broad.

With the guidance and co-ordination of The Mulloon Institute, 20 landholders are working collaboratively to repair and rehydrate the creeks, gullies and agricultural landscapes of the catchment. It has also presented an opportunity for those land managers to develop a baseline understanding of the catchment’s condition as a whole.

The goal has been to reverse the damage done to the landscape by 200 years of ‘modern agriculture’. This project builds on a pilot project undertaken in 2006 when the founder of the Institute, Tony Coote AM, under the guidance of Peter Andrews, began to restore the natural function of the eroded creeks and gullies on his property, Mulloon Creek Natural Farm.

Mr Coote was able to boost his property’s agricultural productivity, ecological complexity and availability of high quality water. His Institute’s work has been recognised by the United Nations.

The results of this unique project are being monitored and benchmarked by the Institute.

Landholders are reporting a better, higher quality flow of water. To prove this, the Institute is collecting data over time on the impact of moderated water flows on the ecology and the agricultural productivity of the whole system.

In this Soils For Life video case study, three landholders explain the positive impact of the project.

The Chair of the Institute, Gary Nairn AO, also explains the overall aim of the Project, and Co-Ordinator Peter Hazell describes some of the benefits of slowing the flow, and tells how a community came together for the benefit of the whole catchment.

The Soils For Life Mulloon Creek case study can be found here.

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For more information contact:

Niree Creed, Media, Soils For Life, 0418625595

Peter Hazell, Co-Ordinator, Mulloon Creek Community Landscape Rehydration Project, 0427075397